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Want to see it in action? Try out MinorTask: Everyday Project Management written using DBvolution & Vaadin
Full source available at GitHub


Use the tools provided by the IDE, framework, and data model to swiftly get the exact data from the database

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The API is built from the ground up to show you where everything is and how it works

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Never learn another variant of SQL, don't even bother with the first, just generate the data model and go!

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Separate your data model from your business logic but have it accessible at all times

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Problem: Embedded SQL is impossible to read, perilous to alter, and difficult to debug
Solution: Use the tools provided by the IDE, framework, and data model to swiftly get the exact data from the database

DBvolution works with your IDE, not against, allowing you to use all the tools provided. Use code completion, refactoring, the integrated debugger, everything offered by the IDE because DBvolution gives you access to the database via pure Java code

Outcome: You'll work faster and easier, bugs will vanish with out hassle and you'll complete all your tedious database work effortlessly


Problem: The database schema is impossible to work with
Solution: Abstract the database behind a programming API that allows for dynamic query creation
Outcome: A more efficient way of working that freed developers to improve the systems
A customer has a 15+ year old database that contains almost all of their vehicle information. Unfortunately it was designed with an obsolete 4GL tool that produced an excellent 500 table schema that included no information about what the data meant. The need for constant intervention to investigate potential problems, and apply solutions meant memorizing hundreds of generic table and columns names. Developers and management both agreed that this situation was torturous to work with and highly error-prone
DBvolution automatically generated a programming representation of the database schema, and facilitated adding semantic information. The API included the ability to combine the representative classes into dynamic queries and to apply the changes required to the database. Refactoring as the project progressed added more semantics, like better names, more relationships, and subclasses of the data
Developers were able to work with the database with ease, include solutions in the standard source control mechanism, and build a generalised diagnostic tool to diagnose and fix a myriad of problems

DBvolution for Java 7+ Download the latest version customised for Java7+ for Java 5+ Download From BinTray


Problem: Building any database interaction involves switching into SQL developer mode, designing a query or transaction, then -rewriting in Java
Solution: DBvolution allows you to stay in Java and your IDE and removes the rewriting step
Outcome: Write database queries becomes a trivial part of your program. Just grab the database object, add a few DBRows to create a query, sprinkle on some conditions, get the data, and move on to the important part of the job: making it WOW your customer and colleagues


Create a project to contain your data model
Use DBvolution's built-in model generator once, to find all the tables, columns, and relationships
Include your data model and DBvolution in your project
Your data model will be re-used in several projects and constantly improved to create a library that documents database, schema, and relationships
DBvolution has functions in DBTableClassGenerator to automatically retrieve all the accessible tables from the database and build a valid, easily understood, and extensible Java version of the tables
Include the 2 libraries into your project so you can access the database seamlessly. The clear separation allows you to focus on the business logic and the presentation layer, while the data layer is easily accessible.

DBvolution for Java 7+ Download the latest version customised for Java7+ for Java 5+ Download From BinTray


Learning the skills for 1 database is the same for all databases.

All the syntax, and even code, is exactly the same, so you can take the lessons from one project and apply them directly to the next.

Move skilled developers seamlessly from project to project and customer to customer without any worries about the database layer or up-skilling.
Remove all worries about vendor lock-in by delivering an application that works on all vendor's database


DBvolution is designed to be an independent and complete implementation of the database layer. DBvolution provides everything you need to connect and work with the database and nothing more.
Whether you are creating a desktop application, web service, or mobile app, DBvolution provides database interaction with no strings attached, and no strings to get tangled in.
Independence from a framework means DBvolution works whatever your existing infrastructure, and can be added seamlessly to an existing project


Modern IDEs are are great boon for programmer productivity, and DBvolution is designed to incorporate support for some of the best features. JavaDocs are provided for (almost) all methods and classes, allowing your developers to access the details of implementation right at the point of use. The API has also been designed to either provide the next step using method chaining or suggest the next step through detailed method parameters.
Builtin support for modern IDE features helps you provide valuable features rapidly and correctly

DBvolution for Java 7+ Download the latest version customised for Java7+ for Java 5+ Download From BinTray


Save money by not needing expensive database licenses just to test
Because all databases are supported to produce the same result, you can develop using any database for any other database. If your client uses a top-end mega-expensive database, DBvolution removes the need for the top-end database for development or testing. With DBvolution, everything will still work in MS SQL Server even when you develop with H2. This means you can use the best database for your developers, the best database for testing, and still deliver for the customers database

Even More Features

Adds Features To Your Database

Not all databases are created equally but you don't want to give up SQLite's lightweight implementation just to get Spatial

DBvolution implements all the features for all the databases, so you don't have to live without just because the database people haven't caught up

Simple Transactions

DBvolution allows you to run a transaction using one method call: use DBScript.implement()

Testing a transaction is even easier: DBScript.test()

DBScript encapsulates a distinct transaction into one method creating an analogue of database transaction behaviour. It even rollbacks automatically if an exception occurs

Query By Example

Most of the time you know exactly what you want from the database but you just have to get it

DBvolution make this easy by implementing query-by-example: simply create a DBRow-based object with the features you want and add it to the query

The defined features are included in the query and only items matching those features are returned

This method work especially well with DBTable

DBvolution for Java 7+ Download the latest version customised for Java7+ for Java 5+ Download From BinTray