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DBDatabase: Easy Connections

The first and most important part of any database interaction is the connection

DBDatabase, and it's subclasses, provide all the requires of the database and modern programming, including automatic connection pooling.

To create a new connection, make an instance of DBDatabase for your database

DBDatabase testDB = new MSSQLServerDB(jdbcURL, username, password);

Some DBDatabase subclasses have convenience constructors to automatically create the JDBC URL for you

testDB = new OracleDB(host, port, serviceName, username, password);

DBvolution uses the concept of the Database, instantiated in the DBDatabase class, to contain the connection and the necessary tools to work with that database

Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and H2 are already supported and more are being implemented. Check in the nz.co.gregs.dbvolution.databases package to see if your database is currently available

DBvolution builds on the foundation of JDBC and standard SQL, so even un-supported databases can be used for many queries

Each DBDatabase subclass knows the database driver it requires and how the database's SQL varies from the reference implementation used by DBDatabase. This allows a common interface with all databases and ensures that all code is portable between databases at all times

The DBDatabase object is used extensively throughout DBvolution but most objects are database-agnostic. You can easily move rows or queries from one database to another

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