The Final Word In Database

Join the DBvolution and remove the object-relational divide

Always Java, Never SQL

DBvolution is the database abstraction layer that reduces database access to simple java calls

There is no configuration or xml, allowing the debugger to find any problems for you

No SQL is needed as DBvolution manages the connection and data completely

The IDE's code completion reveals the schema to speed your coding

Queries are generated using natural joins with full support for outer joins

Every relational database concept has been translated to its object-oriented counterpart

Fully Supported Databases:

  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • H2
  • SQLServer

Partially Supported:

  • NuoDB
    Spatial Incomplete
  • MariaDB
    Testing Incomplete
  • MariaDB Cluster
    Testing Incomplete
  • JavaDB & Derby
    Type conversion and sorting of outer joins

When you want DB to be easier and faster...

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DBvolution is the gateway to your database and high-speed querying
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