Features You Never Knew You Needed

See Your SQL and the Query Structure, and Expand It Easily

Extra Features

Just making queries trivial to write is not enough. So DBvolution has extra features to help with problems, tricky situations, and special cases.

  • Show the SQL

    Generating queries automatically is great normally, but when it goes wrong you'll want the actual SQL. the builtin DBQuery.getSQLForQuery() method supplies the exact query that will be executed on your database.

  • Show the Query VisuallyThe query structure can be displayed in  a window showing the tables and their connections.

    Complex queries are very difficult to understand as code or SQL, Use the DBQuery.displayQueryGraph() method to display the tables and connections in the query.

  • Expand the Query Automatically

    Finding all the related entities is difficult in SQL but easy in DBvolution. So easy you can do it 3 ways:

    • require the new tables to have values with DBQuery.addAllConnectedTables();
    • maintain the original query results with DBQuery.addAllConnectedTablesAsOptional();
    • maintain the original queries results and ignore the links between the added tables with DBQuery.addAllConnectedTablesAsOptionalWithoutInternalRelations()

DBvolution contains many more features waiting to be discovered, and we're happy to add them. Contact us with the details and help improve the world's best database abstraction layer.

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