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Ensuring the integrity of your data is now simple

DBScript Is Transactions Made Easy

Implementing a transaction should be easy and DBvolution has made it so

DBActionaList actions = database.implement(myScript);

DBScript translates the database transaction concept into a single Java class implemented similar to a thread. You fill in the actions you want performed in the script() method and throw an exception if something went wrong. The easiest transaction control ever

And we expect you to sub-class DBScript so you can have as complicated an object as you like and it still works beautifully. public class ScriptThatAdds2Marques extends DBScript {

   public DBActionList script(DBDatabase db) throws Exception {
   DBActionList actions = new DBActionList();
   Marque myTableRow = new Marque();
   DBTable<Marque> marques = DBTable.getInstance(db, myTableRow);

   List<Marque> myTableRows = new ArrayList<Marque>();
   myTableRows.add(new Marque(3, "False", 1246974, "", 3, "UV", "TVR", "", "Y", new Date(), 4, null));

   return actions;

When the test() or implement() of the DBScript is called the script method is automatically wrapped in the appropriate transaction for your database. The sanctity of your data is guaranteed

Creating and using the DBScript is the easiest part:

DBScript script = new ScriptThatAdds2Marques();
DBActionList result = script.test(database);

Use implement() to commit your changes and test() to roll them back. Throwing an exception is also guaranteed to roll the changes back to. You even get guaranteed protection from actions that will auto-commit your changes.

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