Trivial Data Access

Single table queries should be trivial
and they are

Using DBTable is Quick & Easy

DBtable provides access to advanced features while maintaining the simplicity of the DBDatabase get() method

DBDatabase provides the convenient getDBTable(DBRow) method to quickly create an instance

DBTable<Marque> dbTable = database.getDBTable(marque);

DBTable provides methods to limit the number of rows returned, sort the rows on the database, get pages of rows, allow blank queries, and allow cartesian joins. Basically all the functionality you'd expect from a single table query

List<Marque> allMarques = dbTable.getAllRows();
List<Marque> allMarques = dbTable.getRowsForPage(5);

Using a DBTable instance allows you to retrieve all instances of a DBRow quickly. Just call getAllRows() to retrieve a list of each instance. This quickly converts a long query to a small number of distinct objects

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